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Your tempura and panko mixtures are particularly excellent! Lisanne B.

I can buy my favorite sushis at the same time as I do my grocery. Xzavier S.

I wanted to congratulate you for your extra good sushis. Pier-Ann N.

WOW...the Egao Combo…Super good!!!!! Marie-Josée F.

Frankly delightful! Gil S.

I love Mito Sushi. It is the only sushi I eat. Best sushi ever! Chanda S.

Your sushi are excellent!!!! Amélie G.

Mito Sushi the best!!! Anne-Marie R.

I love your sushis they are so good! Jessica D.

Since I have found your products, I have no desire to go to the restaurant :) Isabelle Morin

  • Special offer - poke - July 8 to 14 2021
  • POKE BOWLS, a nutritive meal
  • Sushi combos - perfect family meals
  • Mito measures against Coronavirus
  • MITO Measures against Coronavirus
  • New Asian Soups