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Spicy Shrimp Futomakis

Delicious shrimp with a lightly spicy mayo.

Shrimp (s), Imitation Crabmeat, Masago, Cucumber, Soy wrappers, Tempura, Spicy mayo, Rice

May contain: Peanuts, Milk, Nuts, wheat or triticale, Sesame, Crustacean, Mollusk, Nuts, Egg, Fish, Sulphites, Soy, Gluten

To be savoured fresh.

All of our sushi pair wonderfully with soy sauce, but what about elevating the experience with one of our signature sauces?

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

Stories from our chefs

Did you know that Futo means “big”? Futomaki, the opposite of hosomaki, is the biggest of the rolls, filled with many ingredients. You can find one for any taste: vegetarian, salmon, shrimp, fried, or even with tempura. They are rolled with seaweed sheets, soy, or rice paper, and pair perfectly with our signature sauces.

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