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Our Itamae Chefs

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Bopha - Our efficient chef

Bopha has been running the Atwater MITO counter since 2014. As a chef, she loves Philadelphia Futomakis and salmon Poke bowls with extra seaweed salad. She gets outside as often as she can for activities like fishing, and never passes up an opportunity for shopping or travelling.

Tony - The Zen chef

Tony has been on the road with MITO since 2007, training chefs and operators and preparing for new openings in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes. While he can’t choose a favourite from our sushi and Poke menu, he definitely likes his with a side of wasabi and a glass of Sake. He is passionate about food styling with fresh ingredients.

Lan - The eye-catching chef

Lan has been with MITO since the beginning and has worked at the head office since 2004. She loves to enjoy her favourite salmon Poke bowl with a glass of Soju. A chef by day, in her spare time she loves exploring different restaurants to discover new culinary trends.


futomakis sushis oeil de dragon eye sushi


futomakis sushis oeil de dragon eye sushi


futomakis sushis oeil de dragon eye sushi
  • futomaki kamikaze saumon

    Kamikazé Salmon Futomaki

    Let youself be impressed by the perfect combination of creaminess of the avocado and the tenderness of the salmon.

    Kamikazé Salmon Futomaki
  • futomaki sushi crevettes épicées spicy shrimp sushi

    Spicy Shrimp Futomaki

    This must-have futomaki's lightly spicy shrimp will be a surprise for your taste buds !

    Spicy Shrimp futomaki
  • futomaki saumon épicée

    Spicy salmon Futomaki

    A classic futomaki ! The balance between the crispy tempura and the tender salmon is always a delight to the senses.

    Spicy Salmon Futomaki
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