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Top 5 best vegetarian sushis

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Which vegetarian sushi is the best ?

A lot of people think that being vegetarian means you don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to food. The good news is that this does not at all apply to sushi. There’s heaps of vegetarian options just for you !

To help you see a little more clearly, we’re proud to present to you our top 5 all-time vegetarian sushis.

1 – Avocado hosomaki

Small, savoury and filling – avocado hosomaki’s are a vegetarian sushi that is a delight for the taste buds ! Loved for their simplicity, it is difficult to not force them down one after another.

Made from toasted seaweed sheets into which we insert fresh avocado; all wrapped with rice and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

2 – Cucumber hosomaki

A little less hefty than the avocado hosomaki, cucumber hosomaki’s are very refreshing.

We can all say it: the exterior ornated with vinegar infused rice and sesame seeds always offer an agreeable taste and texture. With this sushi, the interior offers light, fresh and crunchy qualities.

If you didn’t already know, cucumber is recognised (amongst other things) for its capacity to freshen the breath and neutralise tastes from food you already ate. That is why you might see cucumber hosomaki’s during wine or food tastings.

Therefore, cucumber hosomaki’s are the perfect sushi to eat between different types of sushi that have a more pronounced taste. For all these reasons, this sushi would be perfect to order on your next date (we always have your back !).

3 – Vegetarian futomaki

A classic !

The vegetarian futomaki is one of our all-time favorites because on top of its amazing taste, it’s a comprehensive product.

In MITO’s vegetarian futomaki you will find: avocado, cucumber, carrot, pickled radish, a dash of tempura, a tasty spicy mayo –  all wrapped in rice and held together by toasted seaweed.

4 – Lychee & pepper shooters

Sushi shooters are a little smaller, however they offer a burst of flavor as soon as they hit your pallet. One vegetarian sushi shooter we can’t get enough of is the lychee and bell pepper combination.

It’s a mix of bell pepper, lychee, spicy mayo and rice all held together with a soy wrapper.

The mix between exotic fruit and vegetables is just to die for and it’s the perfect bite size for an appetizer.

5 – Mandarin & edamame shooters

With these shooters – we’re on the same page as the lychee & pepper variety.

You will find the same exotic and fruity flavors, but by interchanging the lychee for a mix of mandarin and edamame. With these shooters, you will also find a bit of bell pepper, rice, spicy mayo – all tucked in with a soy wrapper.

We won’t tell you which one is best between this shooter and the lychee/pepper shooter (suggestion no. 4), but the person writing this is Team Mandarin & Edamame.

We’re not mad no matter your choice !

Vegetarian sushi combo’s, MITO signature products

And what about discovering new things ?

Here at MITO, we offer different options of vegetarian sushi combos. We’re talking about the 10 piece vegetarian combo or the 12 piece Tsunami combo – just as examples.

So, if you’re not sure about which vegetarian sushi to try, maybe the best route to take is to try a few at the same time.

All you have to do is stop by one of our MITO sushi counters at your local IGA and our Itamae chefs will be happy to help you chose the perfect combo – made just for you !

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9 March 2022
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