mayonnaise épicée sushi spicy mayo

Spicy mayo – 250 ml


A spicy mayo which is perfect to bring a burst of flavor to your sushi, sandwiches and burgers.

Spicy sauce, Pickled ginger, Benzoate de sodium, potassium sorbate, Mayonnaise, Disodium calcium EDTA, Natural shallot flavour, Xanthan gum

Contains: Egg, Sulphites, Mustard

May contain: Milk, wheat or triticale, Sesame, Soy

Shake before serving. / Refrigerate after opening.
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In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

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Want to add a little heat to your dish? Our Spicy Mayo is perfect to bring some flavor to your sushis, sandwiches and burgers.
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