rouleaux impériaux végétariens imperial rolls

Vegetarian Imperial Rolls

Simplify your meals with our crunchy vegetable imperial rolls.

Tofu, Carott, Rice paper, Tempura, Green onions, Rice vermicelli, Green beans, Black fungus, Cabbage

Contains: Wheat or triticale, Fish, Soy, Sulphites

May contain: Peanuts, Milk, Nuts, wheat or triticale, Sesame, Crustacean, Mollusk, Nuts, Egg, Fish, Sulphites, Soy, Gluten

To be savoured fresh and hot.

All of our sushi pair wonderfully with soy sauce, but what about elevating the experience with one of our signature sauces?

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

Stories from our chefs

Imperial rolls are an excellent choice of starter for your sushi nights. Their filling and fried pastry sheet give them a unique savoury crunch and distinguish them from spring rolls or Vietnamese nems.