Wooden Chopsticks – 20 pairs


MITO chopsticks are available in packs of 20 pairs and are great to have on hand for your sushi or Asian inspired recipes. 

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In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

In our chefs’ words

Stories from our chefs

But where do chopsticks come from ?

It is difficult to identify the exact moment of their invention: the first written document mentioning the existence of chopsticks is a philosophical text of Han Fei (280 to 233 BC) called “Han Feizi”.

Myth or truth?

Several myths surround the appearance of chopsticks as a preferred utensil in Asia: it is claimed, among other things, that a Chinese emperor threatened with assassination, had banned the use of metal utensils, because they could potentially serve as a weapon. Apparently, this is when chopsticks were invented.

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