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Easy recipe – Smoked salmon sushi cake

  • Cooking time

    Cook the Calrose sushi rice according to the bags instructions

  • Preparation time

    45 minutes to 1 hour

  • Serving

    6 portions

  • Type

    Main course

  • Origin


  • Particularities

    Easy to prepare, ideal for groups or family meals

Preparation of the sushi cake and it's decoration

  1. Cook the Calrose sushi rice according to the instructions on the packaging and flavor with Sushi rice vinegar. Leave to cool.
  2. With your fingers moistened, spread 1 cup of rice on one soya sheet or nori sheet.
  3. Flip the sheet over thanks to a plate so that the sushi rice stuck to the sheet is face down on the plate. Thinly cover the newly exposed sheet with roughly 1 cup of rice.
  4. Garnish with half the smoked salmon.
  5. On an available kitchen counter surface, place a 2nd sheet and cover with rice in the same fashion as above. Place this new rice covered sheet on the smoked salmon with the rice facing up.
  6. Garnish with slices of mango.
  7. On an available kitchen counter surface, place a 3rd sheet and cover with rice in the same fashion as above. Place this new sheet on the mangos with the rice facing up.
  8. Garnish with avocados.
  9. On an available kitchen counter surface, place a 4th sheet and cover with rice in the same fashion as above. Place this new sheet on the avocados with the rice facing up.
  10. Garnish with spicy mayo and cucumbers. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and ready-to-serve tempura.
  11. On an available kitchen counter surface, place a 5th sheet and cover with rice in the same fashion as above. Flip the rice covered sheet onto a plate (or plastic wrap) and cover the newly exposed side with rice. Place this sheet on the layer of cucumbers and sauce.
  12. Garnish with the rest of the smoked salmon in a rose shaped pattern or as you wish.
  13. Serve as you would a slice of cake and savor with sushi sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

Rice spreads simply when it is slightly warm, but avoid it being too hot as to not heat the other ingredients.

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A great gift for mom on Mother’s Day – an easy recipe for a smoked salmon cake with avocado and mango !

You’re looking to offer something to mom for Mother’s Day ?

Impress her with our new delicious recipe : a sushi cake is a fresh and picture-perfect recipe to spoil mom like she deserves. A small token of appreciation that you can prepare right at home in your kitchen.


Simpler than making maki sushi’s but just as delicious !

There might be a lot of steps in this recipe but you will see it’s even easier than rolling maki sushi’s. To enjoy this smoked salmon sushi cake, we recommend cutting it into pieces like a cake and eating it with a fork and knife.


List of the essential MITO ingredients to purchase during your next stop at IGA.

To help plan this easy sushi recipe (in cake fashion!) you will need a few of our ready to cook Asian inspired products, available at participating IGA across Quebec. Not only will they be useful for this recipe but they will also be useful to add an Asian inspired touch to your meals throughout the week.


Here are the MITO essential products you will need to pick up.

For your sushi cake and homemade sushi:

  • Calrose sushi rice
  • Sushi rice vinegar
  • Nori sheets, soya sheets or both (your preference)
  • Spicy mayo
  • Sesame seeds
  • Ready-to-serve tempura


Sushi condiments to add a kick:

  • Sushi sauce
  • Wasabi
  • Pickled ginger
  • Kami sauce


Check out our complete sushi cake recipe below to make sure you have everything on hand when you will be ready to start creating !


To make your day with mom even more agreeable

Moms are generous, caring, gentle and deserve being celebrated every day…not only on Mother’s Day. We are pleased to share a few ideas of activities for some sweet moments with your family, friends and all the lovely woman in your life that deserve to be pampered.

Ideas of activities with your mom and friends:

  • Hiking in a great activity and Quebec is overflowing with wonderful places to visit. Parks Canada is a perfect place to start looking for your next hiking trip or there are different forums for outdoor enthusiasts like the Facebook group Destination Rando Québec or the blog On va se promener for ideas of outings with your doggy. (French only)
  • Picnic in the park or in the garden where everyone brings a dish. Why not a sushi cake ? It’s perfect for sharing !
  • Shopping trip at your favorite stores
  • Museum visit followed by a good cup of coffee and chat
  • Roadtrip along the Quebec Wine Routes all while spoiling yourself with wine tastings
  • Visit lavender fields – incredibly beautiful and picturesque
  • Cook and savor a meal as a family – all while having great discussions together
  • Visit a flower nursery or a local market to purchase a bouquet of flowers or plants for a colorful garden
  • Massage at the spa – time to loosen up those muscles
  • Create a scrapbook to immortalize all your best moments together
  • Board game evening – laughter guaranteed
  • Visit a MITO counter to pickup ingredients for your own unforgettable sushi or poke bowl night.


sushi en famille



More than a MITO sushi cake recipe, it’s a moment to celebrate mom.

This year, celebrate mom in your own way by preparing this delicious recipe or by stopping by your MITO counter in participating IGA’s to select your favorite sushi, poke bowls and ready-to-eat Asian inspired recipes – mom will be impressed !

We wish you a happy Mother’s Day full of love, laughs and delicious sushi!

Published on

11 May 2022

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