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Korean pogo (Kogo), MITO’s way

  • Cooking time

    5 minutes per pogo

  • Preparation time

    20 minutes

  • Serving

    6 portions

  • Type

    Main course, hearty snack

  • Origin

    Korean, North-American

  • Particularities

    Trendy, easy to prepare. Perfect for kids and adults.

Preparation of Korean pogos and toppings



  • 4 hotdog sausages cut into 3 equal pieces
  • 2 cheddar cheese sticks (same size as a sausage)
  • 6 chopsticks
  • 1½ cups MITO Tempura Mix
  • ¾ cup sparkling water
  • 1 cup MITO Panko breadcrumbs
  • Vegetable oil for frying

MITO toppings:

  • MITO Spicy mayo (to your taste)
  • MITO Kami sauce (to your taste)
  • 1 tbsp MITO Sesame Seeds
  • 1 tbsp MITO Pickled ginger, chopped
  • 2 tbsp fresh coriander, roughly chopped
  1. Cut the sausages and cheese sticks into 3 sections.
  2. On the chopsticks (or wooden skewers), prick a piece of sausage, followed by a piece of cheese and then one last piece of sausage.
  3. In a medium sized bowl, mix the tempura mix with sparkling water until it forms a uniform paste.
  4. Spread the Panko mix in a dinner plate.
  5. In a fryer or a deep bottom saucepan, heat the oil on medium-high heat until it reaches 190 degrees C (375 degrees F).
  6. Generously coat the sausage and cheese skewers in the Tempura mix, one skewer at a time.
  7. Roll the coated skewers in the Panko and place one at a time in the heated oil, more or less 5 minutes or until the outside is golden. Repeat the process for all the skewers.
  8. Remove skewers from the oil and place on a paper towel.
  9. Once all the pogos are fried, place on a plate and garnish them with our Kami sauce and Spicy mayo, sesame seeds, pickled ginger and fresh coriander. Serve hot. Bon appétit!

The pogos can be prepared in advance and heated in the over at 210 degrees C (425 degrees F) for around 15 minutes or until the coating is crunchy.

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Have you ever tried or heard of Korean hotdogs/pogos, also called « Kogo » ou « Tokkebi » ? If you look it up online, you will find different variations for this dish that comes straight from the best food carts in Seoul, South Korea. If you’re like us and like surfing on the next trends all while creating delicious homemade Asian inspired recipes – you’ll go nuts about MITO’s new Korean pogo recipe, ready under 30 minutes. With spring just around the corner, this easy to make foodie’s delight will be perfect as a snack during your walks outside or your picnics in the park with friends.


At least once in your life– you’ve tried a pogo. Now image if you take that pogo and make it even better. A Korean pogo is a sausage wrapped in crusty fried batter that goes great with an Asian inspired sauce like our Spicy Mayo or MITO’s Kami sauce. Don’t hesitate to add toppings adapted to your taste buds to make this recipe unforgettable.


If you have ever visited an Asian Night Market like there is in Vancouver, there’s a chance you tasted one of these ‘’Instagrammable’’ delicacies. In the Montreal and Quebec regions, a small handful of fast-food restaurants that have recently opened showcase Korean pogos on their menu. Check out La Petite Dinette in Montreal, TokTok (many points of sale across Quebec) and Chungchun Kogo Coréen, the pioneer of Korean pogo recipes here in Quebec with over 200 points of sale across the world.


To inspire you for your own creations or to have ideas to impress your friends and family, here’s a quick list of some of the most popular ingredients used in the above-mentioned restaurants.

  • Coatings: Natural (only Tempura flour and Panko breadcrumbs) / pieces of potato or sweet potato / Ramen noodles / crunchy flakes (i.e. Frosted Flakes)
  • Sausage, cheese or vegetarian options (to each his own) : Beef, porc, beef-chicken, porc-chicken sausages / half cheese half beef sausage / vegetarian options: cheddar cheese or streaked with vegetables on the inside
  • Sauces: Spicy mayo (to add a little heat) / Kami Sauce (to add a creamy and sweet taste) / Sweet chili / Ketchup (a Korean classic) / Barbecue / Teriyaki / Mustard or honey mustard /Etc.
  • Spices and toppings that will surprise your taste buds: Cinnamon / Sugar / Honey garlic / Garlic powder / Sesame Seeds / minced Pickled Ginger/ Etc.
  • For those who have a sweet tooth: chocolate or caramel sauce on the inside / cinnamon or icing sugar on the outside / Etc. Yummy !
  • For the classic Korean version: A simple zigzag of ketchup on the outside and powdered sugar, nothing more but nothing less !


The question we have for you today is: Why would you buy premade when you can prepare your own with a few MITO ingredients ? We have lots of choices: Kami Sauce, Spicy mayo, Pickled Ginger, Tempura Mix, Panko breadcrumbs and Sesame Seeds.

You’ll see – it’s not that hard ! We bet you will fast become a Korean pogo fanatic like we did after tasting this delicious homemade recipe. Have fun and don’t hesitate to share with us pictures of your creations, we LOVE being inspired by your ideas !

Published on

18 March 2022

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